Restful Sleep- Sleep Supplement (REVIEW)


I don’t know about you, but I often have so much on my mind at night, that I can’t sleep.  I shut the light off, settle in and BAM! My brain is thinking of what I am going to cook for dinner the next day, if I remembered to look for a certain pair of pants the youngest wanted to wear the next day, if I remembered to pay a bill that was due that day, if I remembered to put the food away from dinner…you may think it’s a little OCD sounding, but it’s not.  It’s just my chaotic household and while it is my norm, it affects my sleep on a regular basis.  I need my brain to just shut off for a little while, so I can relax and go to sleep!

That’s where Restful Sleep comes in.  Restful sleep is a natural sleep supplement that calms your mind.  Unlike over the counter or prescription medications for sleep that leave you sluggish and drowsy the next morning, Restful Sleep helps you to wake up refreshed and NOT drowsy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and essential minerals in Restful Sleep help to:
– Calm and quiet a restless mind and body
– Promote a full night’s restful sleep
– Nourish chi to bring harmony and balance into the body
– Promote calm throughout the day
– Restore vitality to the spleen and heart organ systems

Not only do I have difficulty falling asleep, but every little sound wakes me up.  I don’t feel rested, even after laying in bed for a full 8 hours.  It’s because my mind is just going and going and going.  Restful Sleep can help with this.

Dr. Yan Ping Xu, certified practitioner of Oriental medicine and board certified herbalist, developed safe, non-addictive, Restful Sleep natural sleep supplement to help restore balance to your spleen’s—and whole body—chi (energy) so you can have a full night of restorative sleep and wake up refreshed, never drowsy.

I bet you always thought that sleep had to do with your brain.  Think again.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, sleep issues start with the spleen.  In traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s believed when you have trouble sleeping, it’s your spleen’s chi that is off balance.

Here are just a few ways the spleen is central to your body—metabolism, digestion, even circulation—all of which can have an impact on your sleep.

Thus, when your spleen chi is out of balance, you can experience the things that I experience on a regular basis, things like worry, anxiety, fatigue ALL THE TIME, restlessness, and these all can cause you to not sleep well!

The good news is you CAN get your spleen’s—and your whole body’s—chi back in balance, and Restful Sleep can help.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have relied on herbal blends to help with sleep problems by rebalancing chi.  This blend is called Yi-Fang.  Restful Sleep’s formula uses the same EXACT Chinese herbs in Yi-Fang that have been used for over 2,000 years.

Also, in Restful Sleep, there are modern-day nutrients to help with the absorption of these herbs.  This includes calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Restful Sleep provides a gentle sleep.  It doesn’t knock you out like some remedies you may be used to.  It more helps to calm the active mind to help you rest.

Restful Sleep is available on Amazon.

I got this product free of charge.  All opinions are my own.

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Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant: Great for Sensitive Skin! (REVIEW)

I love exfoliating my skin.  It makes my skin feel so smooth and clean!  I found this product, Oz Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant and I absolutely love this unique product!
This exfoliate utilizes bamboo to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores without irritation, drying or stripping.
What makes this exfoliate unique is that it contains lactic acid and alpha lipoic acid to help with exfoliation process as it breaks down and removes dead skin cells. This helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging from sun damage!
Green tea extract helps to prevent collagen breakdown as well as tone and protect the skin from the damaging effects  of free radicals.
B5 is readily absorbed by the skin and helps to retain moisture and relieve dry, irritated skin.
Alpha Lipoic Acid provides anti-inflammatory effects reducing redness and blotchiness, shrinking the pore size and giving a radiance to the skin.
It made my skin feel amazing and look incredible!  It comes as a powder and you mix it with water to make a paste, then scrub your face.
I absolutely loved this scrub!  Give it a try, you can find it on Amazon.
I received this product free to review.  All opinions are my own.
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RegenFX Anti Aging Eye Treatment- Product Review

dCLfvm1wTvuL1wGaIUlw_eyegel-smallI absolutely love love love eye products.  I’m on the search for the BEST eye product for me!  It’s true, your eyes are often the first thing someone sees when they look at you….and they very quickly show your age.  I’m 44 and have crow’s feet, puffy eyes, fine lines…I look tired even when I’m not.  I’ve tried many eye products (and reviewed them!) to find the one I like the best.

This one, RegenFX Anti Aging Eye Treatment, is phenomenal!  This product is perfect for those of us who are starting to experience these issues….regardless of age.  If you are seeing dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines, this product is for you!

RegenFX Anti Aging Eye Treatment will help diminish crows feet, puffy eyes and fine lines.  It will help restore and replenish moisture. This product is fast absorbing.  Not only that, but it is also a preventative eye treatment.

It is made in the USA and results are guaranteed or you get your money back.

You can purchase this awesome eye gel and two other RegenFX products on Amazon.

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Adorable Children’s Book- PINK TEARS- Review

PINK TEARS - coverI love that my 9 year old loves to read. I also love that she is not shy sharing her feelings. If she’s sad, she will let the world know! Some children aren’t so free with sharing their emotions and they tend to bottle it up.

Hope and I read this adorable book together and she asked me why the sweet lil dino didn’t just let her sadness out. Awwwww…

Lolly, this adorable pink dino, was ignored and felt sad and the tears would well up but not come out, she just felt so blue!  You will have to read the story to find out what happens.

I think this is a great story for all ages to teach children about feelings and how kindness matters!  There are many ways to interpret this.  It could be used to demonstrate how to express feelings, how to talk to a trusted adult, how to welcome all children into the group.  It’s such a valuable book!

Hope felt such compassion for the sweet lil Lolly.  You will too.

Grab yourself a copy over at Amazon.

I received this book free to review for you.  All comments and opinions are my own.


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The Magic of Friendship – Children’s Picture Book Review


Looking for a Diverse children’s picture book with mesmerizing illustration and indulging story? Get your hands on “The Magic of Friendship”, a feel-good thriller which will have kids giggling and engaging from start to finish. Story has Indian theme with a global appeal to it. This title is also available in Hindi language (Anokhi Dosti).

Does a smile or a laugh have trans-formative power? It does in a special place called Tadoba. The Magic of Friendship is a remarkable tale of the trans-formative power of companionship, particularly for someone who is lonely and never really had the gift of laughter. A flock of migrating geese stumble upon Tadoba, the land of the fierce tiger Babbar who does not tolerate anyone in his area. Will Babbar show any mercy? Can he change? Will the geese make it to safety? This is a story about change — a transformation that comes with the magic of friendship. Personality may not change, but nature can surely change. Guaranteed to get a giggle out of kids, The Magic of Friendship also provides plenty of opportunities for readers to connect with the characters in richly detailed, mesmerizing illustrations. The focus is on friendship and its healing effect while the story is spoken from the viewpoint of a father and son in a multi-generation relationship. These picture book is perfect for read-aloud fun and is also appropriate for beginning readers.

My daughter has friends from a variety of cultures, to include Indian. I knew she would love this entertaining book that mingles Indian culture with every day concerns of bullying and making and keeping friends. She loved this book!

you can find it on Amazon.

I received this book free of charge to review for you. All opinions are my own.

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Vegetarian Quick & Easy Recipes – Under 15 Minutes- Book Review


I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hours of time to spend in the kitchen like I know the women of the past did.  My mother would start dinner at 9am and be messing around in the kitchen doing something until dinner time.  My time is precious and doing that isn’t my idea of fun.

I had the pleasure of reviewing this book and found that 1. vegetarian recipes aren’t icky (as my children once thought) and 2. it doesn’t take all day to make a tasty meal.

Here are 100 quick and easy vegetarian recipes that wont take more than 15 minutes to make.

The book starts by discussing the various vegetarian groups’ classification and why people choose to become vegetarian.  It discusses the benefits of being vegetarian and the concerns you may have.

Included in the book are Easy and Quick Recipes for Busy Moms.  Quick and Easy Recipes for Romantic Meals.  Quick and Easy Recipes that Even Kids Can Make. Easy and Quick Recipes for Parties.

There are yummy breakfasts, lunch ideas, elaborate dinners, side dishes, you name it, it is in this book.

Many of us are trying to save money by doing a “meatless meal” once or twice a week.  This book will help you get started and keep on track with that.  It’s so easy!

Check it out on Amazon.  You won’t be disappointed.

I received this book free of charge to review for you.  All opinions are my own.

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Pocket Disc Review- I LOVE THIS! So do the kdis!



My kids, dog and I have had the most fun with this “toy” than you can imagine.  Just think about it.  Put this in your pocket or purse and you have something to take with you on trips and when your kids (and you!) are restless, you pull this out at a rest stop and play a quick game of frisbee.  You take your dog to the dog park or outside to play (or even inside, it’s really quite safe) and toss it around a bit for them to fetch.  It’s washable.  The kids are bored on a rainy day?  They can toss this around in the house, it’s not hard plastic, it won’t do *too*  much damage.


The Pocket Disc is all cotton and and what is wonderful about this product is that it is hand crocheted by Mayan villagers in Guatemala and the production of this product helps support over 500 artisans.  The company installed water filtration systems in their villages and the work is enabling the children to stay in school longer.

The Pocket Discs come in 4 styles and they also offer hacky sacks, pet collars, headbands and more!  Check them out!

I received this product free of charge.  All reviews are my own.


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Lady of the Shadows: A Sleuth Story (Book Review)

76c2cbd91b6156dd97e85c2c1590c1c23949efa5Taken from Amazon:

Based on the true story of the lady of the shadows
Jordan is an intelligence and covert operations agent. She is a beautiful and sensual woman in a world of macho men. Carrying with her the experience of an army commander, she becomes a sophisticated spy. She enrolls in obscure missions behind enemy lines and recruits the dancing skills that accompany her since childhood in order to infiltrate an exclusive men’s club in a hostile country.
After her discharge from the unit, she continues with missions of espionage and surveillance as a private investigator, “a shadow woman”.
The Shadow People
Between the more recognized “shadow government” to “shadow war” there is a world of concealed shadow people. The shadow people secretly gather intelligence through observation and surveillance in the covert intelligence world.
In the spiritual world, the shadow people are God’s followers who walk in his shadow.
In the psychological aspect, these people accompany the individual in life’s crises and upheavals.
All of these together are embodied in book “The Lady of the Shadows” and its heroine who went through all the stages, from an intelligence agent through a private investigator, a student and a teacher in the mystical world until she became a PhD in psychology and an Adlerian lecturer. She chose to help people while she herself remained in the shadows.
After reading this book, you would not walk through shadow zones. A wild and liberating femininity
Betrayals, dancing in foreign territory, pain and growth, are all leading the reader in a suspenseful and exciting experience that contains insights about love, hate and revenge.
This is a book about a wild and liberating femininity and a sensual and passionate woman in a world dominant by males. Reality and imagination are fused together inseparably and concoct a sweeping and moving story.

Now, my opinion of this book.  If you love books about spies and reading mysteries, you will adore this book.  It captivates you from the first page.  You are intrigued and sucked into the story.  I loved reading about Jordan’s experiences and how she became a “shadow person”.  If things like this intrigue you, you will love it too!  I promise.

Check it out on Amazon.

I received this book to review for you.  All opinions are my own.

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